March 1929 – March 2018


May 11

Left Out

Johnson Flying Services (JFS) NC8112 sat idle during the early to mid-1960’s due to the arrival of newer more capable aircraft. JFS sold NC8112 to Dolf Overton of Mullins, SC, to be added to the Wings and Wheels Museum collection. On a ferry permit, the plane was flown from Missoula, MT to Mullins, SC and put on display. The plane was given it annual from time to time but didn’t fly often. With the completion of Interstate 70 bypassing of Mullins, SC, visitation numbers severely declined so the decision was made to move the collection to Orlando where it would have more viewership.

Feb 21


NC8112 was flown on a ferry permit to Bob White Field in Zellwood, FL to be recovered, painted and reapply the Delta Airlines logo. It was signed off by Homer T. Smith Jr. per FAA form 337 dated 6/5/79.

May 31

Queen of the Ball

The plane was flown to Atlanta, GA by retired Delta Captain, Norman Topshe, to participate in Delta Airline’s 50th anniversary of passenger service. Delta once owned three Travel Air 6000’s, but NC8112 was not one of them.

Dec 16

80’s Sale

NC8112 was sold to Richard Holbert, owner of Central Flying Service in Little Rock, AR. While in his possession, it rarely flew and was placed in the Aerospace Education Center also in Little Rock. The museum wanted to better utilize the space for other exhibits and about the same time Scott Glover, owner of Mid America Flight Museum, approached the owner about purchasing the plane. The plane was acquired and moved to Mt. Pleasant, TX.

Aug 15

Acquired by MAFM

Sold to Scott Glover of Mt. Pleasant, TX, the Travel Air 6000 was added to the Mid America Flight Museum collection. The plane was in need of mechanical attention and was out of license which required a thorough inspection. It was then given an annual by an outside source.

The engine was removed and overhauled by Radial Engines in Guthrie, OK. Once returned to flying status MAFM flew the plane often gave rides, attended a few fly-ins, and even a local Antique Aviation Association event where it won an award for the best vintage airline aircraft.

Mar 26

Restoration Begins…

NC8112 was flown to Urbana, Ohio on March 18, 2018, to the Mid America Flight Museum restoration facility, to have the plane completely restored by Doug Smith and many talented volunteers.

Let’s explore the restoration!