Travel Air 6000 First Flight


Base Price in 1929 $12,000

150 Manufactured & 6 Flyable Aircraft Remaining

This airplane was purchased new by Pittsburgh Airways in 1929 and flew scheduled passenger service connecting Pittsburgh • Philadelphia • New York City

The Travel Air 6000 was later purchased by Johnson Flying Service in Missoula, MT. Records indicate that SN 844 was the first airplane that carried “smoke jumpers”.

Owned & Operated by Mid American Flight Museum with locations in Texas and Ohio.

Restored by a talented team of volunteers led by award-winning, master craftsmen, Doug Smith and Bill Knisley.

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Model 6000
Serial Number 884/NC8112

Pilot + 6 Passengers
Cruise Speed 90 mph
Maximum Speed 130 mph
Stall Speed 60-70 mph
Service Ceiling 16,000 ft
Empty Weight 2788 lbs
Gross Weight 4420 lbs
Useful Load 1632 lbs
Fuel Capacity 74 gallons
Wing Span 48′ 7 “
Length 30′ 10″
Engine Wright 9 Cylinder
975 cu in/440 HP


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How it all began…

First Flight • Urbana, OH

At approximately 11:30 AM on Thursday, July 15th, Kelly Mahon piloted the first flight of the Travel Air 6000 post restoration!

res•to•ra•tion {rès•tuh•ráy•shun} verb

The process of removing countless layers of dirt, grease, paint, corrosion, and other foreign matter in order to discover that what you really need is a new part.

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Mid-America Flight Museum

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Veterans unselfishly gave their service, and sometimes their lives, so that we could enjoy all the freedoms that we do today. Recognizing and providing aviation experiences to Veterans and their families is our way of showing our appreciation for their sacrifices. Money cannot buy the kind of joy you see in their eyes when flying in one of these historic planes. Here at Mid America Flight Museum, we are dedicated to preserving the memory of these Veterans and the planes they flew to defend our freedom. Visit MAFM to see our entire collection. 


Our team has the resources, the know-how, but most importantly, the heart to keep these historic aircraft flying. We believe this sets Mid America Flight Museum apart from most other aviation museums. Multiple factors, including the expense of maintaining these historic airplanes, have caused many aviation museums to have only static aircraft. It is our belief that airplanes were built to fly! Taking an old airplane that most everyone else has given up on and restoring it back to flying condition is extremely rewarding.